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DarkGriever.2047 / Dec 09, 2017

Hi All,To try and help with alleviating some of the confusion related to EU v NA in game issues that players are facing, we have created a NA Only Krytan Herald Guild. All NA who have a free guild slot, have been invited to that guild.If you have ...

DarkGriever.2047 / Sep 22, 2017

Hello All,Our guild have finally claimed the Windswept Haven Guild Hall.Congratulations to everyone who participated in the guild hall claiming. to see you all in game,DarkGriever.2047

DarkGriever.2047 / Sep 10, 2017

Hi Guys,I wanted to let you know that from now on, Nesithan (Mikempty.2136) will be handling the US side of our guild. For our US region players, if you wish to do a guild mission then please arrange for it with Nesithan (Mikempty.2136) as sanddra...